Update your people like you update your software

Your tech is evolving fast, but are your people keeping up?

Push instant updates to anyone, track that they can do the job and measure impact on revenue and adoption.
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You update your products and tools, so you need to update the way people use them. Accelerate your growth by updating outdated thinking
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“60% of our users churn within 6 months because they have no onboarding.”
Meet your people wherever they are and whoever they are. We have many stripes of users around the world and we speak their language. Now you can connect with anyone - partners, users, teams on any device in dozens of languages.


“We launch 500 new features each year but it takes 12-24 months to equip our practitioner ecosystem.”
Is your digital adoption dragging behind your pace of innovation because people can’t keep up? Now you can close that gap. We don’t get people to watch a bunch of content, take a test or figure it out. We move people from viewing to doing!


“Our partner enablement approach seems like spray and pray.”
Have you counted on LMSs, content libraries and classrooms with no clue about what happens after? Now you can quantify experiments, identify trends, build insights to accelerate digital adoption.

Do you have systems in place but no results?

BigSpring can instantly modernize your approach to digital adoption with a mobile and web platform, centralized analytics dashboards, and integration with your existing content and tools.
Imagine if you could rapidly automate personalized content playlists, match work with actual proficiency and quantify impact on business? Now you can.