Faster onboarding, greater success at Uber

The Uber South Asia team needed to scale local driver operations while rolling out programs that drove efficiencies on a regional level. There were 3 issues to be addressed - Scale, extensibility and quick iteration in deployment.


Digital training was identified as a key means for Uber to swiftly onboard new drivers to maximize their earnings, while securing the trust and safety of riders. Ensuring that the content suited the ever-changing market requirements was a critical component.


Using BigSpring’s simple digital solution that packs bite-sized content into an intuitive, easy-to-use app, Uber was able to reduce driver training costs by 64%. The move towards 100% mobile-based training has also helped reduce downtime by 48%. To date, more than 1 million drivers have registered on the platform to  gone through training on the BigSpring platform and 624 thousand users have engaged on the app. Driver ratings improved by 2.4% potentially leading to savings of 38,000 driver hours monthly.**

“We have a long running partnership with BigSpring. We have used their analytics and contextual learning to train our driver partners.” - Head, Driver Operations

Rapid Deployment at Scale
  • BigSpring enabled Uber to quickly rollout targeted content to drivers across more than 30+ cities and towns across South Asia
  • BigSpring’s lightweight app that works even in low-bandwidth conditions allowed drivers to access the training content anytime and anywhere using their mobile phones.
  • BigSpring was embedded directly in Uber’s driver app, so drivers could access the content without switching apps
  • Drivers were able to stay informed without the need to call Uber’s support line or to visit a ‘Greenlight  Center’ (driver support center). This further freed up resources on these support teams to focus on critical issues.

  • Every new driver in South Asia is onboarded to the Uber platform using BigSpring
  • Up to 112,000 monthly active users and 85% completion rate on COVID-19 content
  • New business line deployed to 5,000 learners within 48 hours

Turnkey Content Partner
  • Thanks to BigSpring’s agile content production process, Uber’s team created learning content comprising 80 bite-sized videos in 10 languages within 6 weeks from conception to deployment. 
  • Content topics range from app usage, earnings optimization, customer service excellence to driver safety, recorded by Uber’s in-house subject-matter experts and top performing drivers for maximum relatability.
  • BigSpring’s real-time analytics power contextual learning -- BigSpring pushes remedial content when drivers receive a low rating and need to be reminded of guidelines and policies.
  • BigSpring delivers numerous advantages over traditional classroom training that previously caused delays in driver onboarding and inconsistencies in training quality.
“I found the learning useful and easy to use. I want to always work in association with Uber. I want to provide good service and increase my earnings." - Driver Partner & BigSpring Learner

* Pre - Post ratings improvement (Significant over a control group)

**Extrapolating to all reactivation use cases in the Trust & Safety area