May 27, 2020
Building New Measures for Learning
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Luke McNeal, VP Sales at BigSpring, discusses how training needs to be viewed as a productivity driver with a measurable return on investment, rather than a cost line item.

I am a builder. I believe in the power of learning and the impact skill development has on our lives and careers. I am inspired by the BigSpring mission; to enable lifelong skilling and to measure the ROI impact of learning. I left my leadership position at Facebook to be part of building a category-defining SaaS business that fulfills this important mission.

The global labor market has been shifting rapidly, thanks to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The current system shock by COVID-19 has acutely and immediately changed the landscape at unprecedented speed and scale. Enterprise leaders I speak to around the world need to change the way they recruit, onboard, and train their staff with digital tools. Some must urgently shift their workforce to new roles as they adapt their business models. At the same time, millions of people face an uncertain employment future. Pivoting to a new career will require developing new skills. The overarching question during this transition is how will they measure success?

The diversity of BigSpring’s global customers is testament to its differentiated learning approach anchored on measuring the ROI impact: from helping a ride-hailing leader to complete more 5-star trips across hundreds of thousands of drivers; to empowering an online bank to deliver financial literacy to thousands of SMEs; to driving manufacturers to increase sales productivity within their distribution channel; to enabling a Big-4 tech company to narrow the time to adoption for new products. These are among the many enterprises, which for the first time, have the ability to measure the ROI of their training and understand exactly how skilling impacts the metrics that matter most. These enterprises view training as a productivity driver vs. a cost line item. Individual learners are not only able to learn new skills but also demonstrate mastery to be job-ready.

BigSpring’s massive opportunity to support continuous learning and measure impact with intuitive technology is across industries and job functions. We are motivated to support both enterprises and learners to improve productivity and employability. I am proud to build at a company that has such mission clarity and brings the power of learning to the lives of so many people.