Record a presentation
in 10 minutes

1. Choose 4-5 key points and prep what you'll say about them

Go through your document - highlight the 5-6 key points that will serve as a cheat sheet for the learner on how to apply the skill. For >5 points, find logical places to split the content into multiple videos.

If required, reword the phrases or sentences to ensure they are complete without the context of the document. (If this a presentation, use speaker notes)

1. Quickly introduce the topic (or yourself) by asking a question or establishing your credentials
Eg.“Have you ever struggled with abc, Have you heard of xyz tool/ product but wondered how to apply it?"
Eg. I’m an expert xyz and one of the most common questions I get asked is “How can I get better results from abc process?"

2 - 4 To illustrate your points, use relatable examples, mention any common mistakes, and then show the right way of doing it.
Eg. "Create a new entry by clicking on the New icon"
Eg. "If I want to show my client the competitor data for any product, I can use the market feature."
Eg. "Instead of manually calculating the difference, use the analyse trends button to track performance changes."

5. Conclude with a call-to-action!

Eg. "Use these quick tips to see your viewership rise rapidly."
Eg. "Now that you know how to create your own entry, why don't you try one for yourself now!"

2. Make the presentation light and mobile-friendly

- Consider splitting out dense and crowded slides
- Edit text into shorter sentences and increase font size
- Make images larger and eye-catching

3. First time? No time? Record in 5 minutes with

🔌 Turn off noisy appliances like fans, air conditioners for clear audio.
🌙 Turn off device notifications
👋 While sharing your screen, use Loom's camera option to add your face in a corner of the video- your community will find it easier to relate.
🎙️ Speak loudly, slowly and clearly as if you were explaining to a friend.
💾 Download the video from Loom (Send it to if it needs any editing)

4. Publish your first skill on BigSpring!

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