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Preparing your script
Convert all the information that’s in your head or in manuals, presentations or elsewhere into talking points - easy for you to deliver, easy for your learners to understand.

Setting up
Learn to choose where to shoot your video and how you can easily prep the area to look great.

Recording yourself on camera
Discover all you need to know about getting a great video on your camera or webcam, with these simple settings and tricks

Recording on a smartphone
Learn to unlock the power of the camera that’s in every pocket to create learner-approved videos!

Shooting with gear
From easy to mid-range, learn some tricks to make your gear do all the hard work so you can create great videos.

Shooting without gear
No gear? No fear! You can use everyday items you have lying around to improve your video’s backdrop, lighting, audio and more.

Selecting your outfit and backdrop
Featuring in a video shouldn’t mean having to buy fancy outfits or getting a make-up artist. Here are a few easy ways to choose the perfect outfit for your star appearance and finding the perfect background to compliment it.

Presenting like a pro 
You’re a pro at work but new to featuring in videos? Learn some easy ways to develop stellar screen presence, just like your favourite YouTubers!

Get comfortable on camera
No more sweaty palms and dry throats once you learn these techniques to getting comfortable on camera - something your learners will notice and appreciate! 

Sharing Your Recorded Material
Got your footage (and some bloopers too)? Here’s how to send it all over so the editor can easily stitch it together into one video for your learners to enjoy!
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Inclusive behaviors and speech
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Introduction to Design Thinking
Select an Idea
Design Thinking Summary
First impression
Active listening
Body language
How you say, What you say
Personal space
Building rapport
Manage expectations
Under promise, over deliver
Art of saying"No"
Questioning skills
Internal customers
Service recovery
Dissatisfied customers
Welcome complaints
Customer profiles
Wall technique
Personal brand
Each customer counts
Undivided attention
Moment of truth
Emotional detachment
Features vs. benefits
Product preparation
Checking Level
Objection Handling
Follow up
Closing Technique
Taking notes
Value proposition
Client preparation
Planning your day
Strategic preparation
Need dialogue model
Opening dialogue
Choosing a communication style
The Pyramid Principle of Communication
Coaching mindset
Giving feedback
Stakeholder management
Growth Mindset
Decision Making
Not Micromanaging
Creating Psychological Safety
Emotional Agility
Conducting a Performance Review
Aiding career development
Entering data in MS Excel
Sorting and Filtering Data in MS Excel
Date functions in MS Excel
Basic calculations in MS Excel
IF function in MS Excel
Creating a bar chart in MS Excel
Creating a line chart in MS Excel
Creating a pivot table in MS Excel
Creating a pivot chart in MS Excel
Working on a PowerPoint file
Creating a basic presentation in MS PowerPoint
Working with SmartArt in MS PowerPoint
Editing a presentation in MS PowerPoint
Creating visually effective presentations in MS PowerPoint
Rejuvenating Meditation
Energizing Breathing
Ease your eyes
Total Body Stretch
Mindful Mobility
Embracing diversity
Recognizing and overcoming bias
Understanding exclusion
Inclusive behaviors and speech